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January 2022 Newsletter

In this Issue:

Welcome Back Dr. Eric............1

Life After Birth.................................1

Swing and a Miss.........................2

Tips for Beginning (an..............4

Meet Dr. Luke Short...................4

Welcome 2022

We’re grateful for the changes we’ve already seen in 2022, including Dr. Eric Cooper returning and the new patients that have joined our family.

Welcome Back Dr. Eric Cooper



I hope this find you doing well. I am writing you personally, and it is with great pleasure, to let you know that I am back at Short Chiropractic seeing patients. I missed working with my patients and a part of me felt very unfulfilled not helping people. I am currently accepting new patients as well as established patients - don’t hesitate to call the office and make an appointment today. I am excited to be back and look forward to serving this community for years to come.


In Health,



Life After Birth

What will that first postpartum visit look like?

1. Schedule the appointment for MOM and BABY.

2. We will talk through your birth addressing painful movements and sensations that can come after tearing, surgery, medical interventions or traumatic births.

3. Postpartum depression checkup for appropriate referral.

4.  Breastfeeding assistance and birth team information if help is needed at home.

5. Tethered oral tissue, tongue tie, exam for an appropriate referral to be made.

6. Chiropractic adjustment to align your spine, increase function of your nervous system and address discomforts you may be experiencing.

7. At home exercises given to gently tighten and awaken the pelvic floor, core and lower back muscles.

Swing and a Miss

As a holistic healthcare provider, many things have frustrated me about our nation’s response to the Pandemic – but the worst thing has been the nearly complete absence of a discussion about what can be done to improve your body’s ability to survive/conquer the novel Coronavirus.

Instead of encouraging the public to exercise and get fresh air, we were locked out of gyms and into our homes. Instead of pursuing our ideal weight, we gained our “COVID 20”.

Instead of fresh air and sunlight, people literally jogged or biked while masked or worse rode around in their car by themselves with a mask on. It is well known that age and weight are the two biggest predictors of poor outcome with this infection. It is a well-established fact that exercise boosts your immune system, and that eating sugar depresses your immune system for several hours.


Tips for Beginning (and Sticking to) a New Exercise Program

As we enter a new year, it’s not uncommon to set goals or ‘New Year Resolutions’. Some common themes revolve around eating better, spending more time outside, reading more books and exercising more. It’s been shown that it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit which is why 30-day challenges work so well. If you’ve decided to start exercising, or begin a new plan, here are some tips that will help stick to your goals:

  1. Start easy and build gradually

  2. Find a consistent time that works best for you

  3. Embrace discomfort

  4. Track your progress

  5. Get small wins

  6. Listen to your body

  7. Reward yourself

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Meet Dr. Luke Short


Dr. Luke Short is a 2020 graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He specializes in the Gonstead system of analyzing and adjusting. He is also certified in soft tissue techniques such as spinal Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) and the Graston technique. Dr. Luke sees patients of all ages as well as families with a variety of ailments. He treats from the spine to the extremities to relieve pain and improve biomechanical function to restore health to the body from dis-ease.

He has about good analogy of what chiropractic does for the body is; imagine your body is a car stuck in snow, you have all the power but just canít get anywhere; chiropractic gives that push to get your body back on the road.

He wants to spread chiropractic into the community and educate people on what chiropractic really does for peoplesí bodies and the prevention of disease.

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