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Swing and a Miss

As a holistic healthcare provider, many things have frustrated me about our nation’s response to the Pandemic – but the worst thing has been the nearly complete absence of a discussion about what can be done to improve your body’s ability to survive/conquer the novel Coronavirus.

Instead of encouraging the public to exercise and get fresh air, we were locked out of gyms and into our homes. Instead of pursuing our ideal weight, we gained our “COVID 20”. Instead of fresh air and sunlight, people literally jogged or biked while masked or worse rode around in their car by themselves with a mask on. It is well known that age and weight are the two biggest predictors of poor outcome with this infection. It is a well-established fact that exercise boosts your immune system, and that eating sugar depresses your immune system for several hours.

Therefore, a couple of very simple recommendations would be to get some exercise and maybe throw in some sun exposure (or supplement Vitamin D and zinc). Secondly, limit foods that will spike your blood sugar level like sugary drinks and sweets as well as large servings of starches like pasta, bread and potatoes.

While this is not an exhaustive list of preventive measures, it could have been a part of the national discussion and perhaps saved lives. It feels like the powers in charge want a nation dependent upon the Med-Pharma complex rather than individuals that take responsibility for their own health and well-being, trusting their body’s God-given ability to adapt to its environment and overcome challenges.

I believe that if you give the body everything it needs through good nutrition it can do a better job fighting off and infection. I also believe that a well-adjusted spine results in a nervous system free from interference which can direct the immune system, help fight the infection, and restore homeostasis. That’s why our doors never closed in response to this pandemic.

Dr. Brett Short

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