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Life After Birth

You did it! You had baby. You had multiple checkups during your pregnancy. You went to prenatal yoga, took your vitamins and napped most days. You stretched, drank water and made sure to eat enough protein to keep your energy up. Congratulations!!

Now what?

You went through war to get that baby earth side. Your body, mind and spirit are forever transformed. This beautiful being that has been created inside you is staring back at you. You love them dearly but you are depleted. Sometimes you shower, you barely sleep, and you manage to put a few bites of food in your mouth before baby cries and needs to eat again. You love it and you hate it. No one is really checking up on you. They ask, “How is baby sleeping?”, “How is baby eating?”, “Are you ready for another one?”

After your birth, remember that YOU matter. Whether C-section or vaginal birth, your muscles, posture and body has been put under severe stress for over 9 months! Everything has changed. You are different. This is the most important time to visit your chiropractor. Spinal adjustments are life-altering when you are in such a delicate state. Not only are you addressing the postural stress from holding an infant 24/7, but you have lost complete tone in your pelvic and core muscles. You are also helping the mental and emotional aspect of sleep deprivation and your new way of life.

What will that first postpartum visit look like?

  1. Schedule the appointment for MOM and BABY.

  2. We will talk through your birth addressing painful movements and sensations that can come after tearing, surgery, medical interventions or traumatic births.

  3. Postpartum depression checkup for appropriate referral.

  4. Breastfeeding assistance and birth team information if help is needed at home.

  5. Tethered oral tissue, tongue tie, exam for an appropriate referral to be made.

  6. Chiropractic adjustment to align your spine, increase function of your nervous system and address discomforts you may be experiencing.

  7. At home exercises given to gently tighten and awaken the pelvic floor, core and lower back muscles.

Our office is breastfeeding and newborn friendly. We have separate rooms you can move to for privacy and also are welcome to nurse and feed wherever you are comfortable. We encourage you to talk to our staff if you prefer to wait in your car while your child is napping until the chiropractor is ready to see you. We can’t wait to welcome you with your new bundle but most importantly, we can’t wait to celebrate this beautiful new journey you are on in your parenthood. Whether it’s your first or sixth child, every experience is unique and throughout it all your health as the mother matters to us.

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