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Dr. Eric Cooper's Letter to His Patients

Dear Patient,

I hope this finds you healthy and happy. I am writing to inform you that my last day in the office is Friday, April 2nd.

I want to thank you for trusting me with your health over the past eight years and for allowing me and my family into your lives. I have truly appreciated the conversations and enjoyed the relationships built over that time. I'm also extremely thankful to have worked in an outstanding office - a true class of its own from the owner to the entire staff.

This was not an easy decision; however, I am confident that your health care needs will be meet in the skilled and caring hands of the Short Chiropractic doctors: Drr. Short, Dr. Luke and Dr. Destiny Cooper. I will be seeing patients in the office through April 2nd if you have any questions or concerns.

In Health,

Dr. Eric Cooper

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